5 Video Trends That Will Guarantee Traffic

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These days the internet is pestered with a ton of information. Everything can be found online that it’s hard to sift through when you’re looking for the information you want. This is especially true on YouTube, where the site is littered with millions upon millions of videos, and the upload rate shows no signs of slowing down.

With this influx of videos about everything and anything under the sun, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, it would seem so hard to break into the industry much less get your video to go viral. So, how do you get traffic from YouTube? What are sure-fire videos that can get you the views that can make you go trending or even make you go viral?

Apart from making sure that your channel is pleasing to the eyes and appealing to your target audience, you also have to put in the work in your content. The quality of the sound and video should be clear and crisp so that the viewer will want to watch the whole thing. Also, consider the backdrop or set up of the venue where you film, take into account the lighting and the background noise, if there are any. The Editing of your video is also key. If you are narrating something, make sure you have continuity in your narrative. A clean-cut during the reveal portion is very important, especially if you are doing transformation videos.

As for the content, here are the top five video trends in 2020 that can guarantee traffic for your channel:

YouTuber recording a great video

1. A glimpse of what someone’s day is like

This particular trend has several variations, and almost all have been successful in garnering traffic. This genre delves into the natural curiosity of humans about the things other people do and their behavior behind closed doors. These videos provide a semi-reality television feel where the viewers are, in a way, invited into the homes and lives of the YouTuber, and they get to witness how they perform certain tasks. These particular videos include getting ready with me, skincare routine, what I eat in a day, and exercise with me, among others. With these particular videos, sincerity and authenticity are very important. Viewers tend to gravitate towards videos that are truthful and showcase genuineness and not just meant to boast or showboat.

2. Tutorials and how-to Hacks

Most people consult the internet for information nowadays and thus, birthed the genre of tutorials and how-to videos. This particular type of video provides us with information from varied sources. They can be from experts who present their information based on years of study and practice from amateurs who present their points of view based on experience and trials. The most popular of these videos are makeup tutorials, which has made stars out of YouTubers and influencers. There are also videos on baking and cooking, as well as other hobbyist activities. Included in this genre are videos that provide for hacks, shortcuts, and substitute materials.

Most notable influencers that have gained notoriety from this trend are the likes of James Charles, Nikki Tutorials, and Jeffree Star. They have all managed to package themselves as beauty gurus and have furthered their venture into selling their own makeup lines and other merch as well.

3. Reactions

Maybe it is because of the restrictions set these days; reaction videos have been steadily gaining momentum in both upload and views. These videos are called gab videos since there is actually not real activity happening. What is being featured is a video that has already been uploaded previously either by the same content owner or by another YouTuber. The most common featured topic of these videos is top influencers going over their previous makeup videos or pictures and giving it critiques or saying if they will ever do the same look. Another common feature for this particular trend is a reaction video to uploads relating to other trends that have been prevalent before, such as the fail posts and other memes and challenges.

Many can relate to the reactions given, which makes it a fun video to watch. The viewers usually share the same reaction, and it emanates a feeling of being represented in that particular narrative. Honesty is also a key component in this type of video. The most notable channels under this trend are Kids React and Reaction Time.

Beauty YouTuber recording a video

4. Reviews and Ratings

This has been a long-standing trend, and it does not show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. The rationale behind this trend stems from the principle of social proofing whereby a person seeks the review of another prior to buying a certain object or performing a certain task. Although anyone can easily upload a video of themselves discussing the pros and cons of products and stating their narrative based on their experience, not all reviews and ratings gain success. This type of video requires a certain degree of knowledge on the subject matter. The credibility and honesty of the review are very important. It must be impartial, especially if there are several competing items being reviewed and rated.


This type of video have been around YouTube for quite some time, but only very few were aware of its existence. It used to be frowned upon and considered mostly as fetish videos, and these could only be found in the dark corners of YouTube. But in recent times, these videos have gone mainstream and has gained increasing popularity due to the improved audio quality and content. The cute visuals that accompany every crunch and slurp and whisking sound have greatly boosted the viewership of this genre.

With all these pointers and ideas on how you can get traffic from YouTube, remember that it takes a lot of work in order to capture the attention of the viewing public. You have to be able to generate original content that is able to awaken the interest of your target audience, (or give due credit if you are doing your version of a video that has already been uploaded) and promoting your video so that you will be able to maintain your viewership and subscriptions.

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