Becoming A YouTuber in 2020 – Complete Guide

Becoming A YouTube in 2020

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Here is a complete on how to be a YouTuber in 2020:

Know What Success Means for You and Always Remember It

There are tons of definitions of success monetarily, though there is a lot more to success than making money for yourself. Doing a job that you hate but you get tons of money from it, is that considered a success even though there is a lack of fulfillment? There are different forms of success. You are the one who is responsible for determining where you are successful. If you consider your success outside of the green backs for your channel, always remember that is the main reason why you have a channel. Whether it is the view count, the subscribers, or just an entire increase of the engagement across that channel of yours, you should keep this as your main focus.

Develop The Goals And Content of Your Channel

If you visit YouTube, there are tons of really good content and also a lot of terrible content. When you make a YouTube channel, you should remember that making content is a fun job. You should be yourself when developing content. Deciding on what content you will give to people is very challenging though there are lots to choose from. After deciding on what your type of content, try to figure out how you can make your videos unique with the use of your brand’s personality. It is also okay to cover some trending topics inside the industry; this is a way for you to stay relevant.

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You Map It Out

Now that you have figured out your content type, you should make a plan on how you will be able to execute its creation and venture everything. Treat it like a business plan and always check up on it. Not only should you treat your channel as a business plan, treat it like a checklist as well. You can also try to figure out who is going to be involved with your YouTube channel if there is someone. Create a timeline schedule for posting, one that is realistic, gather content topics, and be consistent on your timeline.

Your Channel Page Should Be Welcoming

If you want YouTube to “happen” to you, you should be aware that a complete profile is important. Remember all of your q’s and p’s. The presentation is very important. Make sure that profile photo, as well as logo, are in the right place, and that channel banner image of yours should have correct dimensions. Mind the thumbnails for your videos too.

You mind your SEO

It is very important to set up the SEO for your videos properly. You gave all your time in producing videos, so you shouldn’t start slacking off. YouTube is a very sophisticated search engine, and many people use the website to discover new and different types of content. Choosing the right keywords will increase your chance of being found. If you see similar videos that you are interested in creating, look at the words that you typed in for results. You should also try doing little variation so that you will see the change of results in order to know what words can make a difference.


This is something that you will find at every single article on how to be a YouTuber, in order to flourish in the YouTube world, you need to have consistency. It is either that or places your bets on an instant success of being viral. Now, do not get me wrong, that is cool, but that kind of route will no really guarantee one, even in the least bit. Whatever content you are making, be consistent with timing and type. Try to set a schedule on when you make videos and stick to it.

You Should Get To The Point

Do you know what is just not necessary in a YouTube video? It is an explanation which lasts for five minutes, an explanation for a thing that you can show to people that only takes up 20 seconds to explain. It may sound a bit funny when in worded it out, but this is very common in the YouTube industry. I will simply be blunt about it since there is no way to sugar coat what I am about to say, viewers, do not have the time for you just to waste their time. You should just get to the point.

Keep Up With That Niche Of Yours

When you present yourself to the audience, you should be seen as a person that has knowledge about your industry. Staying informed with the news about your niche and also your video will allow you to create fresh and relevant content for every single one of your viewers. You can also stay informed of what is happening with your competition, look at their videos so that you will see the opinions and points that they make before you start to make your very own idea.

Successful YouTuber recording video content

Be A Boss When It Comes To Managing Your Community

If you define success by your subscriber count, they are simply gold for you, so you should always remember to treat these people as such. You should like and maybe even answer their comments. Community management is like a job itself. You can start hosting live streams since this is a really good way for you to make interactions with viewers.  What I am trying to say is that I always remember to interact with your viewers.

You Should Learn From The Analytics

Now, for our last guide. Even the best ones can do it better. YouTube gives you a section of dedicated analytics for your channels so that you will be able to see how well your videos are doing. You will be able to get some insight into people who watch your videos. This allows you to hone further more into your target demographic. Not only can you do that, but you also get a better idea of why one video is performing much better than the other. This is a powerful tool, and taking advantage of it won’t cause harm.

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