Why You Should Buy YouTube Views in 2020

buy youtube views in 2020
Big Youtube channels with over 1M subscribers have nothing to worry about getting organic views. The question is, how do you get so many YouTube views?

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YouTube is one of the best platforms that you can use to share your creativity with the world. Every time you upload a video, there are billions of potential YouTube views that you can get. Think about some of the most well-known YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, Superwoman, and Swoozie. Every time these persons upload new content, they get views, likes, and comments within a matter of minutes. Obviously, there is something to be said for having millions of subscribers. However, the question is, how do you get so many YouTube views?

What Is Your Motivation Source?

When people consider becoming YouTubers, they tend to think about the possibilities that come with a lot of YouTube views. In fact, it may even become a lucrative source of income increase for you. After all, are there many better ways of making a name for yourself than using a popular public platform? While the answer to that question may be debatable, there is no denying that YouTube is one of the top platforms you can use to catapult yourself as a content creator over time.

As soon as your channel starts to pick up speed, the number of YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers continues to grow. Getting your engagement levels to this point is a testament to the beginning of what could be an immensely successful time for you. Even if your purpose on the website is to make money, that is not necessarily a problem once you’re giving viewers quality content to watch. Every time persons search for a video, they want fast results that offer them something engaging to watch, which means more YouTube views for the uploader.

Get more YouTube views fast
Get more YouTube views fast

Is Buying YouTube Views a Viable Option?

You may not be too keen on the concept of buying YouTube views yet, but once you see how it helps you to push your content to new heights in an organic manner, you are likely to make it the order of the day. You see, establishing a popular channel can be done in two ways.

The Long Way

The first option is the standard method that takes time. This is how you increase your YouTube audience in an intended way. If you opt to go this route, then you upload your videos and hope for the best. There is no external assistance, which means that you rely on the YouTube algorithm to get the number of YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers that can continue to push your channel up the pecking order.

This hierarchy is a critical concept for you to consider. Remember that there are many other persons who were content creators before you were. Additionally, whatever niche you decide to appeal to with your videos has way more established channels that are providing a steady and quality stream of content to your intended audience.

You can think of this in the same manner as you would starting a business as a fast food service provider in one of the most famous cities in the United States. Imagine that you made the decision to sell burgers to hungry folks. Furthermore, imagine that you decided to do this in a location that is home to McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, and Five Guys. These are all places that persons simply enjoy having burgers from. As a new brand, things may not go so well for you in this location. Your burgers could be fantastic, but your business is flanked by several companies that have established a mostly successful reputation with a dedicated fanbase, which could mean a rough time for you.

As a new YouTuber or as one with a small channel, this is the kind of playing field that you deal with when your channel must go up against more established content creators. So, if you do go the usual way, then you must put a lot of thought into the content quality, the thumbnails, your titles, and all the various pieces that come together to bring you success with views on the YouTube platform. The fact is, even if you do manage to do all this, the possibility exists that the viewers may still never know that your content was ever uploaded.

The Smart Way

The second way to go about this is to buy views on YouTube. Learning how to buy YouTube views is not a tricky process, and it could be the reason that your channel takes off like a rocket ship in a shorter time. It’s essential to view this process based on your intended goal of generating a broad audience. Whenever persons search for a video on YouTube, they are typically shown the ones that match their search and the ones that have the most significant popularity. Even if your video title completely matches what the person has searched for, numerous other videos may be seen before yours simply because the people who uploaded them have a higher viewer and subscriber count.

This is also true for recommendations. Many persons discover new YouTube channels because of the recommended videos that show up as they are watching others. If the numbers are not showing that your content is popular enough, then the website has no reason to recommend it to an audience.

So, when purchased YouTube views, likes, comments, or subscribers increase your numbers, this can increase the potential of your videos to be seen by the world. As this continues to happen exponentially, a snowball effect is achieved where your audience begins to recognize and acknowledge the media that you have uploaded.

The chances are that you have used YouTube yourself. So, think for a moment about the way you operate when you are looking for something to watch. How far through the search results do you go? Do you check to see what the 100th video is? Do you intentionally look for videos with low YouTube views? Naturally, you did none of this, and you selected one of the top video results that showed up. The one you chose achieved its placement because of the numbers, and if you want your video to be favorite as well, it also requires you to have the numbers on your side.

Of course, buying the YouTube views is just a part of the process. Even if persons start to view your content thanks to the numbers, the quality is something you must pay a lot of attention to. There is nothing worse than a video that simply turns off audiences. Remember, your first impression is vital because you can create repeat viewers just as quickly as you can ensure that people never watch your videos again.

This is another one of the benefits of purchasing YouTube views. If you decide to get your views with the first method, not only do you need to think about the content that you’re putting up, but there must be substantial consideration for the promotion of your channel and video, since you hope for persons to see your content. However, when you buy YouTube views instead, then you can entirely focus on what you are putting out for the public. In doing so, your energy becomes concentrated on all you must do to ensure that when people inevitably view your videos, so they feel compelled to finish them and anticipate the next ones.

make your channel popular on Youtube
Make your channel popular on Youtube

If You Buy Real YouTube Views, There Is a Large User Base at Your Fingertips

One argument that must be made for buying YouTube views is to ensure that the ones that you purchase are legitimate. It is possible for things to go downhill very quickly if YouTube gets the impression that you are using fake traffic and bots to increase the popularity of your channel in a positive direction.

The Potential of Real Views

This is what separates the better YouTube view purchase platforms from the ones that you should avoid when you are buying YouTube views, comments, likes, or subscriptions. You see, any reputable provider that sells YouTube views is one that can guarantee you legitimate ones. This means that the number of views that you pay for is not reflected on your channel because of bot activity. Instead, there are real people who watch your content and like, subscribe, or comment, if that is a part of the agreement.

It may seem impossible for a company to achieve this, but good service providers are likely to have a network of human resources that it can tap into to get your video the number of YouTube views that you need. So, if you are paying for the service, the increase in viewers reflects the number of real pairs of eyes that have seen what you uploaded.

A Pool of Viewers Need Your Entertainment

Throughout this piece, you are sure to get several reasons that deciding to buy YouTube views is a good idea. However, the one that is important right now is the fact that YouTube sees over two billion logins every month. If you don’t think that this is impressive, consider that the population at the time of writing is estimated to be 7.8 billion people. This means that over 25% of humans around the world use YouTube monthly.

Furthermore, the possibility exists that the two billion persons who log in each month are not always the same. So, while you may buy a couple thousand or even a million YouTube views, you are pushing your channel in a direction that allows for millions and even billions of persons to become acquainted with the content that you upload.

Consider Your Demographic

Another part of this whole YouTube process is to think about your target audience. This is a group of persons that share one or several common characteristics. For example, you can think about the location of your viewers in this regard. When you do this, it’s essential to understand what the statistics are like for that demographic before you start to create your content. The point of this is to ensure that your numbers continue to trend in the way you want after the YouTube views that you buy have given you a head start.

For example, you may intend to make videos that are dedicated to people in the United States. To this end, the content of the video might be filled with references that persons who live outside of the United States would not get. If you were to do this, it would be in your best interest to find out what the statistics are like in the USA. For example, in the 15 to 21-year-old age group, over 80% of those in the USA use YouTube.

Knowing these kinds of statistics can help you to streamline your content and to make the best view buying decisions, such as how many YouTube views you must purchase before your video can become self-sustaining.

What Kind of Competition Are You Looking At?

If you’re going to fight the battle of becoming competitive on YouTube, you must understand what it is that you are up against. Even if you disregard the sheer numbers that many of the larger YouTubers have on their side, it is vital for you to understand and appreciate the level of saturation in the world of YouTube today. Upon realizing this, it may become more apparent to you why buying YouTube views is something that may be a necessity at this time to increase your numbers.

No one is denying that there wasn’t a time when the platform was so bare that the likelihood of your content being seen was very high. However, this is no longer the current state of YouTube. You also must understand the fact that your competition does not consist only of a bunch of popular channels that you are trying to beat in subscribers, comments, likes, and views. Even if your intention is just to get to a point where you are being seen, there is more competition than you may realize.

Remember that there are also many other less popular channels with creators who also want growth. This is the reason that buying YouTube views can give you the kind of competitive advantage that you need for each video you make to shine out.

Your Content Has Fierce and Potentially Viral Competition for YouTube Views

Every minute, as much as 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube. Of course, much of this is not coming from persons who are competing with you in a single niche. Be that as it may, think about what 500 hours of time looks like and think of the fact that so much video content is being uploaded on a minute by minute basis. In comparison, the average viewer spends less than 20 minutes of daily time watching videos.

Naturally, there are people that go way above this, but this is the baseline. When you put all this together, it tells you that there is way more content available than persons are watching. So, buying YouTube views can help you to ensure that your content is selected in that small window that people choose to spend on YouTube daily.

Buy Views on YouTube to Help with Recommendations

Buy Views on YouTube to Help with Recommendations
Buy Views on YouTube to Help with Recommendations

The recommendations feature of YouTube was briefly mentioned above, but you may not believe how important and powerful this feature is when you want to get the public to see your content. So, here is something to help you understand how this impacts the delivery of your videos to users.

If you are a YouTube user, take a moment to think about how you use the platform. The chances are that you don’t do a lot of searches to find what you want. While you can utilize the service that way, YouTube has a recommended videos feature that populates the page with content that depends on what you have seen in the time you’ve used the service.

It Comes Down to the Numbers Game

The idea is to provide entertainment to viewers in a way that they like all the time. This recommendation system is also based on a ranking order. So, if you enjoy watching business videos, YouTube services may suggest content about making money. The popularity of the said content has a lot to do with this process. There could be videos about making money that only have a couple of thousand views. On the flip side, there may be others in the business niche that have millions of YouTube views. The ones with the higher view counts are considered more viral, which means that users are getting to see them more.

When you take the step of buying YouTube views, you are likely to find that this ranking order system is more favorable to you. It’s a simple numbers game, and if you want to increase your engagement, then you must take the necessary steps to ensure that persons are watching your stuff.

Become One of the Six When You Buy YouTube Views

That heading probably made no sense to you as you read it. However, it is based on a statistic about people who visit YouTube. How many different pages do you think people skip through when they visit the site?

The statistics show that persons are likely to watch about six different content pieces on the website in a single whenever they browse to it. This means that you have six chances on average to ensure that your content is seen by those who would be interested in it.

Prepare for Problems if Your Content Remains Unseen

If you fail to do this, then your hard work is likely to fall into the proverbial YouTube black hole where the views stay low throughout the entire content life cycle. Remember that it is imperative to increase your views as early as you can after the upload is made. This time is when a video is likely to be most appealing to the audience that is willing to watch it. As time goes on and as videos become outdated, they are less likely to be seen by potential viewers.

That means that’s your view, comment, like, and subscriber buying strategy needs to be one that takes place as quickly as possible after upload to ensure that you can achieve the most engaging outcome possible.

You should also note that over 70% of total YouTube views come from viewers who are using mobile devices. This would explain the reason that the average YouTube pages visited at the time is six. In almost any context that someone is using a phone, the chances are that the person cannot remain on the device for hours on end doing one task.

This mobile watching trend means that you should also bear video timing in mind as you share your ideas with the world. If persons are strapped for time, then they may not be able to make it all the way through a 40-minute marathon of a video. You should always aim to stay within a time frame that allows you to efficiently get all that is necessary across to your audience.

When You Buy Views on YouTube.com, You Buy into a Lucrative Revenue Source

This is yet another critical point about the kind of platform that you are dealing with here. The information is already in front of you to indicate the sheer number of people that are using it and how much time is being spent doing so. This is the reason that many advertisers have decided to run their ads while persons are being entertained.

As you watch monetized videos on YouTube, you may notice various types of ads that make an appearance every time. There are ads that show up during playback, there are clickable ads that show up at the base of the page, and there are even ads that are mixed in with video recommendations.

It is often said that a business must always aim to bring its offerings to the customer. The said customers are the reason that the business can make money, so this logic does stand to reason. If you are a business owner, and a large portion of your intended market spends time watching YouTube, then one can assume that any ads that are placed on the platform are seen by many of them.

While you may be the content creator and not the business owner, this reliance on YouTube views for getting ads out can put money and orders in your pockets as well. Thanks to YouTube monetization, revenue from ads is one of the ways that you can earn as you share your content with your viewers. YouTube views for you are amazing, but if you can grow advertiser YouTube views at the same time, then you stand to make quite a bit of money.

Note that projections for the United States alone indicate the potential for $5.5 billion in revenue from views on ads for 2020. This is a projection that was made well before persons needed to stay at home as a result of a pandemic. Imagine the increase when that figure is adjusted correctly for the said situation.

Social Media Vs. YouTube.com

No one can pretend as if social media isn’t one of the most popular entertainment platforms for people around the world. While the medium was less popular when websites, such as Myspace and Hi5 were popular, the current level of usage is nothing short of unbelievable.

The two social media networks mentioned above are nowhere near as sought after as they used to be, but there are others that have made tremendous strides, and they are now being used by an unbelievable number of persons around the world.

Today, you cannot mention social media without talking about giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After it’s a rebranding from Musica.ly, Tik Tok Is also now picking up a tremendous amount of steam with the many trends that people are getting into on the platform.

You can never get a read on where the social media landscape is going next, but what is certain is the level of influence it has on the world. There was a time when social media was nothing more than a place for persons to share pictures, videos, music, and ideas with networks of other people with whom they have casual relationships. It was and still is also heralded as a place that connects strangers from around the world. There are numerous stories of successful relationships and marriages that all started with a single click on a social media platform.

Businesses Now Spend Time on Social Media

So, it was only a matter of time before businesses also realized the lucrative opportunities for making money that are associated with various social media sites. Not only did this lead to an increase in the number of business pages that were created, but ads began to appear in increasingly common quantities.

There are many parallels that you can draw between social media platforms and YouTube views. For example, Facebook has a post boosting feature that can be used to get eyes on your posts. Once enough traffic is driven in that manner, the page becomes popular enough to be recommended and seen by various members of the public.

This is the same kind of workflow that you get access to when you buy views on YouTube. It’s not a surprise that there are so many similarities between the two sites, when you compare some of their usage statistics. In the United States, 73% of adults are YouTube users. Facebook is a surprisingly close runner-up, as 69% of American adults are Facebook users. The distinction of third place goes to Instagram, which is used by 37% of adults.

The takeaway from all this is that even though social media platforms are immensely popular in the United States, YouTube stands as the number one online platform that is available. When you consider this, the importance of ensuring that viewers get to see what you have to offer becomes even more apparent.

By conquering YouTube views, you establish your channel on the best possible platform you can. This is the reason that YouTube success tends to translate well to associated social media pages. While the relationship can work the other way in some cases, not everyone is so lucky.

The Popularity Factor That You Get from Buying YouTube Views

One of the key factors that keeps coming up is that of popularity. It is very understandable that this happens, considering that that is the goal when you create your YouTube channel. Unfortunately, not everyone can establish a large enough fan base to achieve that goal.

While this is not a good thing for the channels that struggle as a result, it can be the perfect thing to ensure that you remain in the lead. You see, not everyone can or is willing to invest in the buying of views on YouTube.

Therefore, in such a saturated market, they don’t have access to what could be the silver bullets that they could use to remain competitive. Now, you may be wondering how much of total YouTube views can be attributed to the most popular channels.

Where Are the Views Really Coming From?

According to statistics, 79% of YouTube views come from 10% of the most popular videos. Note that this excludes the other 90% of popular videos, as well as the unpopular ones that almost no one sees.

This means that the majority of traffic to YouTube views is driven by a minimal subset of content that is heavily featured in the public eye. How do you plan to get your channel into that popular video category? If you don’t intend on doing so, then you can kiss your chances of success goodbye, because you then only have access to 21% of the viewer base, who are most likely watching something else.

When you decide to by yourself some YouTube views, you increase your chances of having the numbers game being played in your favor. Note that popular channels are generally those that have 250,000 or more subscribers. People need to view your content to become enchanted enough to subscribe.

Once You Know Your Audience, Buy Real YouTube Views

Once You Know Your Audience, Buy Real YouTube Views
Once You Know Your Audience, Buy Real YouTube Views

The distinction was made earlier between a real viewer count purchase and an artificial one. Before you buy your views, though, learn your audience to ensure that your videos meet the quality standard that is needed and expected of you.

Remember that there is no point in buying views to increase your video ranking, if you plan to disappoint new viewers as they show up all the time. Now, you may not intentionally decide to turn persons off with your content, but you may end up doing so if you have no idea what they want.

Interests Form the Order of the Day

Statistics show that interests matter to viewers three times as much as almost any other factor when they are deciding what video to watch next. Why is this important? Many content creators try to use various doomed strategies to attempt to boost their favor in the public viewing eye.

One way that this is done is with celebrity guest stars. While some content creators may know these stars personally, one can imagine that some of these YouTubers are paying hefty prices for the appearances.

Unfortunately, if the viewer isn’t interested in the content, then not even the time and presence of a blockbuster celebrity can change that. Instead of evaluating the prices that you should pay to these people, consider the way more affordable method of buying YouTube views.

You see, once you learn your audience well, you can better ensure that the content that you put out is synonymous with what viewers want to see. When your audience is going onto YouTube and getting the opportunity to watch what it wants, it is likely to stick around for your subsequent videos.

This means that you simply must make sure that you are hitting the nail on the head with everything that you release. When you are confident that you are doing this, then you can purchase your YouTube views, comments, likes, and subscribers to move up in the algorithm ranking order. Once you have moved up enough, watch your channel continue to grow on its own.

Remember to Make Connections When You Buy Your YouTube Views

One statistic that always seems to be on the rise is the extent to which persons who view content on YouTube are spending time engaging with the content creators and other viewers. In the past, it was merely about watching a video, leaving a comment, and potentially subscribing. Today, people seem to be way keener on the concept of community than they used to be.

It is now at a point where persons seem to enjoy commenting and engaging in discussions with others around the world. Of course, these discussions are not always as courteous as one would like, but there are also great ideas and viewpoints being shared continuously.

Make Time to Increase Engagement a Lot in the First 24 Hours

This is one of the reasons that some of the most successful YouTubers take the time after uploading each video to reply to several of the comments left by those who watch them. There is a feeling that the viewers get, which is akin to that of accomplishment and recognition whenever their favorite YouTubers interact with them.

If you want evidence of this, pick out any trending YouTube video that has a massive amount of YouTube views, likes, and comments. If you look in the comment section, there are numerous viewpoints left by the video watchers. Pay attention to comments with high like counts, and many replies. If you are to expand the said replies, you can get a look at the kind of discussion that is going on between people during and after watching an uploaded video.

When your page is not getting many YouTube views, this level of engagement and interaction is typically not present. This means that the persons who would enjoy starting and engaging in these discussions don’t have a platform to do so. You may think it’s strange that this motivates people to follow a channel, but you must remember that people find their happiness in varied ways.

What matters is that you must use this information to make sure that you can make your page a place where many persons are interested in sharing their thoughts every time you upload. Of course, no one is going to be excited enough to watch and comment on your stuff if your page is consistently left in the dust by the more popular ones.

This is yet another reason that buying YouTube views is so beneficial. As your videos trend upward in popularity, more people wish to leave their two cents, and they act on this inclination, which only serves to increase the level of enjoyment that people get from viewing your uploads.

Buy YouTube Views So You Can Earn Money in Multiple Ways

If you have a passion for content creation, then you should be very interested in this section. As you know, many YouTubers earn quite a bit from the videos that they publish on the platform. The money that is made from ads seems to be the only income source that most people know about. While it works out, this is not the only way that you can earn money as someone with a popular enough page that consistently puts out quality content.

The Partner Program on YouTube

First, your channel needs to gain access to YouTube’s partner program. This program requires no less than 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours from your views in the previous year. For someone who is just looking to get a page off the ground, these numbers can sound very high. However, once your view count stays consistently adequate, the number of subscribers goes from zero to 1,000 in no time.

The key thing here is the consistency of the viewing. As a new channel owner, there is no better way to hit the 1,000-subscriber milestone and to move up the recommendation and search ranking order, than purchasing YouTube views. Once you do so, the only thing you need to worry about is getting the 12 months to pass, which happens quickly enough.

If your page has already existed for over a year and you are yet to hit this milestone, then buying YouTube views is still for you. When you do so, the watch hours pass by much quicker, as there are multiple viewers who watch your content. This consists off the real YouTube views that you purchase, plus the other people who see your content because of those initial views. Either way, the view purchasing helps to take your channel to the next level.

Getting YouTube Views for Advertisers

Once you manage to become a part of YouTube’s partner program, then the next step is for you to explore the endless sea of revenue opportunities that are out there. The most obvious one is that from ads. Note that the advertisers have a say in what kind of videos their ads are featured in. This is the reason that so many YouTubers are so much more careful these days of what they feature in their content.

It’s a simple equation. The less controversial your uploads are, the more willing advertisers are to have their content run alongside yours. As more ads are running along with your videos, you stand to gain a larger share of revenue.

YouTube Views from Premium Members

There is also the matter of YouTube premium members. If someone has YouTube premium and watches your video, you earn a portion of that person’s subscription fee. Unlike the avenue with ads that need to be set up manually, the YouTube premium method happens by default.

Channel Memberships on YouTube

The platform also allows you to sell recurring channel memberships to subscribers. Before you can enable this, there must be at least 30,000 people subscribed to your page. Of course, if you buy YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscriptions, you can make your way to this milestone in no time at all.

If you are interested in selling your own merchandise, YouTube has what is known as a merchandise shelf that acts as a storefront. This one requires that your channel has at least 10,000 subscribers, which is not a hard accomplishment with view purchases.

Pairing Super Chats with YouTube Views on Streams

Once you gain enough popularity, you can confidently start doing live streams and expect many viewers to turn up. This is where you can earn money by doing super chats. While you are live streaming, comments come flooding in from all who are watching. With enough people, you are likely to miss many of these comments. As viewers see value in having content creators notice and read their comments, they can make payments to have the comments highlighted so you do not miss them.

Getting YouTube Views for Sponsors

Sponsors can be another huge part of the puzzle. Sadly, not every YouTuber has the experience of being approached by a sponsor for videos. Instead, you may find that you need to locate a brand that you can partner with for such a relationship. Note that before you embark on this journey, you must ensure that you give the sponsors a legitimate reason to take an interest in your page.

A sponsor is typically interested in a mutually beneficial relationship. The sponsorship grants you earnings, which benefits you personally and allows you to enhance the content you upload. On the flip side, advertising the sponsor’s product or service to your viewers is likely to bring in new business. To this end, you must be able to demonstrate that your channel is popular enough to be a lucrative source of product or service promotion.

Your YouTube Views Can Start a YouTube Community

You should also be mindful of the fact that all your earnings don’t need to come from YouTube. When you buy YouTube views and skyrocket your channel into tremendous popularity, you create a community that is centered around you. This means that you are likely to have subscribers who are theoretically willing to follow you anywhere.

If you have a gaming channel, for example, YouTube is the perfect place for you to advertise your live streaming on Twitch. As a Twitch affiliate, you can accept donations and subscriptions. So, why not allow your YouTube page to increase your Twitch audience over time?

Crowdfunding platforms are also popular. Patreon is probably the best example of this, and it has provided an excellent place for YouTubers to earn independently.

Capitalize on the Love for Online Platforms When You Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views

There was a time when watching entertainment was limited to a TV. Some people had cable TV, and others didn’t. Of course, the set of channels that you had was indicative of the set of programs that you could watch. Additionally, the on-demand nature that is seen with current entertainment platforms was nowhere to be found in the past.

Back then, you were bound by the time a show would come on. If you were there to see it, then you could enjoy being entertained as you watched it. If you were not around, however, there was no chance for you to catch the program unless there was a rebroadcast.

Even today’s cable TV is much different, as you can utilize recording and playback features to catch up on anything you may have missed. This makes the medium way more convenient and bearable than it was so many years ago.

That amount of evolution still does not swing preferences in TV’s favor. According to studies, 60% of people prefer to watch entertaining content on online platforms instead of using a TV. So, why not give all these people something to watch? Remember that this statistic is simply a preference. So, there is nothing from stopping members of that additional 40% from checking in for a YouTube video ever so often.

Your page needs to be ready and able to deliver the content that your target audience wants consistently. It becomes able to do this when you upload your videos for the world to see. However, it’s not ready to adequately deliver anything until you are winning in the ranking order metrics.

By purchasing YouTube views, you put yourself in a better position to appeal to those who simply want to enjoy some online entertainment.

Buy YouTube Views and Subscribers to Make Search Engines Work for You

Many years ago, YouTube was purchased by Google. There are many things that changed because of this, but one of the most beneficial is the way how the YouTube search algorithm works. Bing, Yahoo, Apple, and others all have search engine capabilities. Even so, there is no search engine that is more efficient or higher ranked than Google’s.

It’s not much of a surprise when you consider the fact that Google was initially no more than a search engine. Now there are many other services that the business offers, but even so, Google ensured that it never lost its edge in what it does best.

Take Advantage of the Search Algorithm for YouTube Views

Now that YouTube falls under the Google umbrella, its search algorithm is Google’s. This means that popularity and optimization play critical roles in pointing users to the desired content. Remember that these search engines are designed to cater to the preferences of the searchers more than they are designed to cater to the viewership needs of those who post the content that is being sought.

In other words, your posts need to be in such a position that Google’s search engine sees them as being the most relevant to the viewing public. Even though most YouTube views come from recommendations as opposed to direct searches, the said recommendations are based on viewer behavior and preferences.

For example, if a user tends to focus on videos about car repairs, then that person is likely to receive recommendations about content with tools that help for engine disassembly. There are potentially numerous channels that feature such tools. Be that as it may, the algorithm searches and looks for those with the highest engagement numbers when it makes its recommendations.

This applies to direct searches even more. Many videos can match a search, which is the reason that there are so many pages of results. However, not many people go past the first page when they complete a search. The said page is usually populated with the top videos that match the keywords or relate to them. While these keywords play a huge part, popularity plays an even larger one. Imagine that you put up a video on your page with the title “how to train your dragon.” As you may know, there is a famous movie franchise with that name. If someone were to search for that phrase, YouTube would likely give results about the movie instead of showing the person your video.

Upon realizing that this is happening, you may decide to change the name of your video to “Training Your Dragon Well.” Even if users type in exactly what your new video name is, it is still likely that they’re going to see results from the movie franchise. This is because of the precedence that is given to more popular videos.

More YouTube Views Means More Popularity

The more YouTube views that your video gets, the less effort is needed from users to find it. Once your video is seen enough, if people search for something even remotely relating to your title, your upload is likely to be one of the first results that show up.

Now, this can be an unforgiving system when your videos are not very popular. In fact, people may not see your video at all at that point unless you have shared the direct link to some other platform. The only way for you to move up in the ranking order is for you to amass many YouTube views in a short time.

Channels that are more popular can achieve this remarkably quickly. If your channel is not yet there, you can give yourself a massive boost by buying YouTube views. Consider doing this to get your viewership numbers going until the search algorithm becomes more favorable to you.

At that point, there is nothing to stop a lot of subsequent fresh sets of eyes from seeing what you have posted, which only serves to increase your engagement numbers. This is the beginning of a cycle that is likely to propel you into levels of popularity that you never thought were even possible.

More YouTube Views Means More Popularity
More YouTube Views Means More Popularity

You Should Know Where You Fall in the Big Four When You Buy YouTube Views

The question that is most likely on your mind right now is, “What is meant by the big four on YouTube?” Have no fear, as you’re about to learn something else to help you with your inevitable journey To YouTube success. Though not everyone thinks about it, there are several reasons that people use YouTube. As varied as you may think those are, you can group them under for big umbrellas.

YouTube Views from Learners

The first, which is the reason that most people use the YouTube platform, is to figure stuff out. There are several video types that fall under these categories. The most notable of these are those that teach people how to do something that they have never done before, and those that help persons to find out how various items, such as appliances, work. There are many content pieces that are helpful in this way, and these have contributed to an extensive amount of learning.

YouTube Views from Those Passing Time

Not everyone is looking for something informative, and while the second reason for watching videos can sometimes be educational, this one falls under the entertainment umbrella more than it does anything else. This is the category of people who are merely watching things to pass time. In most cases, the videos that are watched here tend to induce feelings of intrigue or joy. There is no defined purpose in watching the said videos. This is akin to the persons who use social media platforms just to scroll. It is a known way of relieving boredom without any established focus.

YouTube Views from Decision Makers

Viewers who are seeking decision influences make up the third category. There are many people who seek out videos to help them make various decisions in life. Product review-style videos are the most common where this trend is concerned. Typically, the YouTube viewers just want to know if making a particular decision, such as buying the product that is being reviewed, is a wise choice. Since these decisions directly influence the amount of value that a viewer is going to feel, more popular videos with what is believed to be expert insight tend to be preferred here.

YouTube Views for Information

The final category consists of persons who are trying to understand world events. Channels that feature news and current affairs form the bulk of content that is consumed by persons who fall into this bracket. Another popular set of persons that also fall into this group are those who want to get clarity on some trend that has taken the world by storm. Whatever the case may be, the stimulus is usually the same. Persons see something, and they want to understand why it is happening.

Buying YouTube views is very helpful, but you also need to define and understand what it is that you have set out to achieve with your page. A part of this is analyzing the big four and attempting to pinpoint exactly where your video style and content fit. Note that the four different categories were discussed in order of most YouTube viewers to least YouTube viewers. Therefore, you probably stand the best chance of hitting it big with content that helps to teach people how to do something that they never have before.

Note that this is simply a statistical analysis. You may have an unbelievable level of charisma and expertise in reviewing products. While you can consider the categories as you tailor your focus, you should also ensure that the content that you are giving the public plays well into your strengths.

Can YouTube Tell if You Buy Views?

This is a question that you probably had the whole time you were reading along. What’s the point in buying subscribers and YouTube views if YouTube can identify that you have done so? Surely, it would mean that things would be over for your channel, right? This is the line of thinking that has deterred many persons from choosing to purchase views on YouTube.

There are two aspects to answering this question. The first is gauging YouTube’s ability to recognize that something is off about bulk views. The second surrounds the concerns that people have about illegitimacy and consequences for your page. Since the first question is a shorter answer, it makes sense to tackle it first.

Finding Out about Your Purchased YouTube Views

So, do you need to worry about YouTube knowing that you have spent money to acquire YouTube views? This question can be a yes or a no. It depends on the service provider that you choose to make your purchase from. Reputable ones offer a dependable service. Additionally, your numbers are driven upward because real persons are watching your videos. Sometimes, more shady businesses make use of bots to inflate your viewer count. This is something that YouTube’s algorithm is designed to identify.

It’s always a good idea to check out the reputation of the company that you choose. Additionally, verify that the views being provided are from actual human sources before you commit to a purchase. Once you take those steps, then it becomes near impossible for YouTube to identify that you bought views. It would be akin to paying people at your workplace to watch a video that you uploaded. These are real persons that come to watch the content, so there would be no way for YouTube to know that you gave them cash, and it would not matter anyway.

Can You Legitimately Buy YouTube Views?

The second concern, as stated before, centers around the illegitimacy of the YouTube view buying process. There are several myths that cause the said worries, and the purpose of this section is the dispel them all.

The best place to begin is with the legal concern. Many people are almost sure that buying YouTube views is an illegal process. If you are one of these persons, you should know that this is not so. In fact, if you were to make the ill-advised move of buying views from a bot service, that would still not be illegal. However, it would constitute a violation of YouTube’s terms of service.

Do Purchased YouTube Views Cause Deletion?

Next, there is the matter of content deletion, which follows a similar logic. Your video is not going to be removed just because you purchased some YouTube views. There are two main reasons why videos are discarded when they are reviewed by YouTube. The first is because of Terms of Service (TOS) violations, and the second is illegal content being present in the videos. Of course, the bot service reference above could be an adequate reason for YouTube to remove a video. Even if you are to look at YouTube’s partner program policy about view count inflation, it states that you should not use third parties to artificially increase your YouTube views or subscribers. Therefore, once you stick to buying real human views, then you have nothing to worry about.

Getting Banned for Unauthorized YouTube Views

The more aggressive form of content deletion is the dreaded ban hammer. Many popular YouTube accounts have gotten banned over the years, and content creators don’t ever want to fall under that umbrella. Channel deletion tends to happen for the same reasons that videos are removed. TOS violations, such as artificial YouTube view count inflations and multiple Copyright strikes on content with rights reserved, are just a couple of the reasons that a channel may have this experience.

The 301 Threshold for YouTube Views

The dreaded 301 YouTube view count limit is next. Some persons have noticed that the YouTube view count has a 301-view threshold that it gets stuck at. This is simply an evaluation number. YouTube wants to maintain a transparent platform by ensuring that videos that are uploaded are being watched by real people. A part of the process includes pausing the YouTube view count at 301 while an evaluation is performed. Once your provider has humans watching your videos, then you are going to pass this evaluation with flying colors.

Hopefully, this information put some of your concerns that were based on common myths to rest. Once done the right way, buying YouTube views is a fantastic strategy to catapult your channel’s reputation too immense popularity.

How Do You Buy YouTube Views?

If you are interested in buying YouTube views, comments, subscribers, our likes, it is a surprisingly easy process. The first step is to locate a reputable YouTube view provider.

There are typically packages available, which offer various numbers of YouTube views at different prices. You need to select how many views you’re willing to buy. Once you have done that, there are only two more things to be done.

The first is to provide your YouTube video URL. How else would the service provider know which YouTube video is supposed to be getting those wonderful views? Second, you must submit your payment information. This is a service, after all, so your payment is required before you see your numbers increasing.

If you ever run into any issues completing the process with a reputable site, support is typically available to help you answer any questions or concerns that you may have about completing your requests.

What Is the Best Site to Buy YouTube Views From?

By now, the ingredients that make up a good YouTube views service provider should be burned into your mind. There have been numerous references to the qualities that you should see. The dilemma is that there are many sellers of YouTube views that claim to provide an excellent service.

More Than Just Getting YouTube Views

So, it’s time to go into a bit of detail about why Buyoutubeviews.com is the best way to go. First, it’s more than just about getting your YouTube numbers up. Buyoutubeviews.com uses advanced marketing techniques and algorithms to help you find your footing with a YouTube audience. Until now, the information that has been given has spoken to getting your YouTube likes, comments, subscribers, and views trending in a positive direction. However, doesn’t your page need a bit of assistance with marketing too?

Experience in YouTube Views and More

What you have here is a platform that takes care of everything that is not a part of the content creation process. Therefore, you have the capacity and freedom to ensure that the videos that you are putting out are nothing less than the best. Experience is always a sought-after factor when you are looking for someone to provide you with a service. Who would you trust more? The bus driver who has been driving well for over 10 years or the one who just got a license yesterday?

Though the second driver may be a good one, the first has already demonstrated an excellent aptitude for driving. That is a driver who understands how the road works and can respond to situations that are far beyond anything that could be simulated during the learning process associated with driving. This is the kind of effect that you get when you decide to use Buyoutubeviews to purchase the YouTube views you need to achieve the popular channel you want.

You are buying into a team that has 11 years of marketing experience on the YouTube platform. If you turn back the clock by 11 years, some of your favorite YouTube channels probably didn’t even exist then. The team is acutely aware of the ingredients that made all these YouTubers successful over the years, and this is the kind of expertise that you have backing your YouTube page.

Legitimate Campaigns to Increase YouTube Views

All campaigns that are run are done legitimately. Additionally, there are advanced algorithms that lean heavily on the best networks and RTB platforms around the world. Therefore, the results that you get all make use of real persons. There are no bots involved, nor are there any dead accounts.

Getting Support When You Buy YouTube Views

Support was alluded to before, and this is something that you can get from this site in spades. There can be any number of reasons that you may need a bit of assistance at any time. Some sites that provide YouTube views for sale do not cater to your need for support at all. There are others that do offer support, but you can only access it during certain hours. Buyoutubeviews operates a consistent and comprehensive support service. No matter what time of the day of the week of the year you have a concern, you can simply reach out to the support team for assistance.

Hunting Down Guarantees for Your YouTube Views

Guarantees are always good when you are spending your money on quality services. It’s also a good sign that service providers have confidence in the service that is being provided to you. The longer the tenure of the guarantee, the more security you have in the transaction. Buyoutubeviews offers a guarantee that cannot be beaten by any other YouTube view provider. There is a lifetime guarantee on every promotion and campaign that you purchase.

Payment Method Facilitating for Buying Views

Payment method convenience is also another essential consideration. There are so many ways to complete an electronic payment today that no one can keep up. Thankfully, there are several primary methods that persons tend to use. Once these are all available, then you never have to worry about being able to complete your transaction. Buyoutubeviews allows you to pay with your credit card, debit card, PayPal, are using cryptocurrencies. This is truly the epitome of payment convenience.

Getting Your YouTube Views Quickly

After you have paid, you want to know that your service is being delivered quickly. Remember that a YouTube video is in its most appealing stage soon after it is posted. While there are exceptions to this rule, most videos would not benefit from having an influx of views after the hype train has passed. Thankfully, Buyoutubeviews provides a speedy turnaround time for honoring each transaction.

As you can see, the benefits and experience that you are offered here extend beyond merely increasing your numbers. All the factors that were alluded to above collectively explain why Buyoutubeviews is a Premier option.

Who Buys YouTube Views?

This is something that needs to be addressed, because people have the wrong idea of the kind of content creators who purchase YouTube views. There seems to be a stigma that associates this process with newbies or unpopular persons. In fact, many people believe that the successful YouTubers of today have never purchased any of their views.

The reason that people think this is because these people do not need the assistance of a service to boost their views. If you think about it, when a channel has a million subscribers, for example, the chances are that any videos put out by the content creator are going to be instant classics.

Famous YouTubers Buy YouTube Views Too

However, you should never forget that every YouTuber once had no subscribers, no likes, no comments, and no views. Some persons got lucky and became a sensation overnight. Others stayed the course and took numerous years to achieve the popularity that they did. However, some decided to invest in getting a head start and purchasing some YouTube views. Eventually, their channels grew large enough for the service to no longer be required.

The difference between these YouTubers and some of the less famous persons is that the former knew the value in ensuring that the view service providers were legitimate ones.

Buying YouTube Views Pros

It’s time to look at how you stand to benefit from view purchases on YouTube. The first and most obvious advantage is the boost. After several thousand views, a video can slowly pick up steam. As the number increases, the chance for subsequent people to see the video also trends upwards. Getting from zero to that threshold can be a nightmare if your page is not a popular one. The buying of YouTube views makes this gap a thing of the past.

More YouTube Views Means More Clout

You also get the chance to cement yourself as a trusted YouTuber that people should take seriously. This contributes to the creation of a dedicated community and the potential for collaboration with other YouTubers.

Buy YouTube Views to Propel Earning Potential

The ability to earn money was discussed above. Obviously, it’s always amazing when you can do something that you enjoy and earn an income while you do it.

More YouTube Views Means a Higher Ranking

One of the main reasons for buying YouTube views is for a channel to become self-sustaining. The views you purchase increase your ranking and cause many more organic ones to come to your videos.

Buying YouTube Views Cons

While the YouTube view purchases are a good thing, it’s always recommended to be realistic about the situation. So, in the same way that you consider the benefits of doing anything, you should also consider the potential drawbacks. These are the downsides of buying your YouTube views.

Not All YouTube Views Are Equal

The first is that there is a minefield of scammers that you must navigate. This disadvantage does not need to apply to you if you have been following the information you have been getting here. The problem is that there is an endless number of service providers who claim to grant you legitimate YouTube views. Not only do some of them collect your money without delivering anything, but others use bots instead of real people, which means that your videos and your page can be removed for TOS violations.

Don’t Expect YouTube Views with No Effort

The next disadvantage is also something that you have control over. Some people don’t put effort into the videos that they can when they purchase views. That’s because they think is that the purchase should be enough to increase their engagement levels. This is a false belief. Remember that you can turn off viewers if the quality of what you upload is low. Buying views allows you to have a tunnel focus on ensuring that you put out the best that you can. Should you fail to do this, you may be buying all those views in vain.

Can YouTube Remove Views?

As you consider buying YouTube views, you may be wondering if YouTube is going to remove them. This is usually a point of worry because persons don’t want to waste their money. Imagine spending your money to buy views and then having them all removed by YouTube.

Note that YouTube can remove views at their discretion, but there are conditions that these views need to meet before they are removed. At the end of the day, YouTube just wants to know that all views on the platform are legitimate. Therefore, they tend to remove views that have very short watch times (like a second) or those that are the result of bot actions. There is a built-in filter that captures a lot of this, but some get past it.

Therefore, there is an audit process that aims to get rid of all the illegitimate views on a video. The only reason that this should be of any concern to you is if you know that your views are not coming from real people.

If you decided to implement a bot or you paid for a service that uses bots, then you have a reason to worry. In fact, having your views removed may be the least of your worries at that point.

Does YouTube Pay for Likes?

As you know, you can purchase YouTube likes if you wish. Getting likes helps you to push your videos up in the rankings, which increases the potential for your videos to be viewed. Some persons believe that likes can be a source of income. It would be fantastic if there were an established rate per like, right?

Unfortunately, this is not something that YouTube currently does. Don’t get too sad, though, as it’s not the end of the road. Remember that there are numerous ways to make money on YouTube that were highlighted above. Allow the likes to help you boost your exposure level, which you can then use to profit in other ways. Sometimes, you just need to play the long game with these things.

How Many Views Are Considered a Lot?

This is a metric that depends on the size and popularity of your channel. If your channel is new, for example, and you are getting 3000 views, then that is a very successful video. For a popular YouTuber, such as Superwoman, 3000 would be a flat-out disappointment. She’d probably go back to the drawing board after that kind of performance.

Measuring YouTube Views Depends on the Creator

Generally, you want to evaluate it based on the number of subscribers that you have. If you have 500 subscribers, then even 2000 is a lot of views. When you get to a certain point, even if your subscriber count is higher than your view count, there’s no problem if the number is big enough. Imagine you have two million subscribers and half of that number in views. It may be half of your subscriber count, but that’s still a million views, which is a big deal by any standard.

Just remember that no matter where your channel stands, the buying of YouTube views can get you to the point where you can establish a fan base that keeps your view count high naturally.

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