Buy YouTube Views (2020 Guide)

How to get views on YouTube has never been an easier question to answer! YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

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Why Do You Need To Buy YouTube Views?

How to get views on YouTube has never been an easier question to answer! YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. As such, it’s no wonder content creators are fighting to rank at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The struggle to succeed on YouTube is growing harder and far too real, and buying YouTube views will help you speed up the process in a few ways.

  1. It increases your social proof and makes people – and YouTube’s algorithm – believe that you are super popular and loved. 
  2. High-quality views can increase retention rates and watch time, putting you at an advantage over your competition when it comes to discoverability.
  3. You can make money from YouTube when you have a lot of people viewing your videos on a regular basis.

How To Buy YouTube Views?

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you need to buy YouTube views. You’re probably asking yourself how to get views on YouTube and the answer is simple: other than creating great content, you can also go online and buy YouTube subscribers, buy YouTube likes, and buy views. To get more views on YouTube you need to buy YouTube views cheap but make sure they are legal to use, permanent and safe to purchase. 

To do this, you have to first decide what metrics are most important for you: determine what your budget is and if you want your views to be permanently on your videos and have high retention or not, if you want an instant supply or a gradual growth in views and if the YouTube views you’re interested in buying are real YouTube views or bot views. All you have to do is online and look for reviews on review websites, social networks, and message boards.

Best sites to buy youtube views

What Is The Best Site To Buy YouTube Views From?

If you’re looking to buy views on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts looked at various parameters on a wide range of YouTube views service providers to find the best one you can buy YouTube video views from. We looked at factors such as whether the views are high quality or not, safe payment methods such as PayPal or credit card, 24/7 support team availability, and pricing, so you could buy views on YouTube cheap and legitimately.

websiteCostQualitySpeedSupportGeneral Score
Getfans.ioFrom $7.5109109.5
Subpals.comFrom $15

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buying Real Youtube Views Is Important?

If you want to make money with YouTube, you need people to watch your content by the masses. To do that, you have to be at the very top of the search engine results page, so people could find your content and watch it. Getting to the top of the SERP isn’t easy, though, but it can be accomplished if you buy YouTube promotional services like views, subscribers, likes and comments.

Is It Even Safe To Buy YouTube Views And Subscribers? 

Yes, it is perfectly safe if you use a legitimate service provider. Reliable websites will never ask you for your channel password or any other sensitive information regarding your channel. You can even use PayPal so you don’t have to use your credit card and give it out if you feel uncomfortable doing so. Everybody asks hot to get views on YouTube but when it comes to buying them, they get scared – unnecessarily so. 

Can Youtube Tell If You Buy Views? 

YouTube Terms regards buying views
Can they really tell?

No. If you buy real YouTube views from reliable sources and legitimate service providers who use real people, YouTube will have no way of knowing if you bought your views. When you buy fake bot-generated views, YouTube can detect them and delete them upon discovery. Be very wary of websites offering deals that are too good to be true!

How To Get More YouTube Views? 

To get more views on YouTube you can promote your videos on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also use YouTube’s ads service, but it’s costly and a bit tricky to maneuver if you’re just starting out on YouTube. The best way to get quick views for YouTube is to buy them from high-quality sellers. Don’t settle for buying YouTube views cheapest – it’s about getting a bang for your buck, not about losing your money on useless services.

Does Buying YouTube Views Work?

YouTube video rankings
Increase YouTube video rankings in the search results

Yes! If you buy views Youtube will look at your video and promote it on the SERP and on the “suggested videos” column, but only if you also do the following things: 

  1. Make a super great quality video. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to make one – it’s all about planning, scripting and entertaining.
  2. Do video SEO for your YouTube videos – write compelling titles and descriptions with your targeted keywords, use tags and hashtags and fill in your meta-data.
  3. Create a compelling thumbnail that will make people want to click on your video.
  4. Share your video on message boards and social media platforms.
  5. Buy high quality, human-generated views from reliable, legitimate sources.

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