How To Become Noticeable on YouTube – Using Social Proof!

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How many channels are there on YouTube? Probably in the hundred million figures. Channels range from documentaries, music videos, movie clips, vlogs, compilations, and everything else. You can name a topic, and you would probably be able to find video content on YouTube. The channel owners have also become stars in their own right. Many vloggers have found fame by uploading all sorts of material, from makeup tutorials to doing the many various challenges that plague the Internet these days.

Indeed, YouTube has become one of the best platforms that allow people to express themselves, showcase talents and skills, and be able to impact people and touch lives. It also has proven to be a lucrative career choice as some YouTube sensations have reportedly been able to earn huge sums, and many are able to venture out into business like selling exclusive merchandise from their taglines or about the contents of their videos. So, the question now is: how to become famous on YouTube?

This is where social proofing comes in.                                                                    

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What Is Social Proof?

Well, it is a manner of influencing others. More commonly termed as informational social influence, which postulates that people tend to copy the actions of others by conforming because he or she believes that the other person’s interpretation of the situation is more accurate.

Now, that sounds like it’s too much and too clinical that it cannot possibly apply to something as common as YouTube and how to gain more viewership and followership. But it makes so much sense.

Look at it this way: when someone wants to try out a product or perform an action, they usually check out the reviews or testimonials. The more testimonials they can find telling them about the experiences on the product or the activity, the more they become convinced to purchase the thing or do the task. That is an example of social proofing. It is the assumption that the actions of others are correct based on the frequency that the action has been undertaken while achieving the result desired. It is when a person looks for clues as to the acceptability of his actions based on others’ actions before him.

Another example is in food stalls or restaurants, the one with the long queue usually signal that that is the one serving good food. In fact, some restaurants use the method where they purposely limit the number of people being seated so that there will be a line waiting to be seated. It sends off the signal their food and service are so good people will be willing to wait in order to avail it for themselves even though there may be other restaurants in the area.

It is the same mind conditioning technique used by service crews in their tip jars. It is a known practice in some establishments that the crew put in padding or the beginning tip into the jar so that the customers will be “inspired” to do the same.

So how do you translate that to the coveted fame on YouTube?

Person looking up videos to watch on YouTube

How can you generate the buzz for your channel through social proofing?

Foremost, find your niche. As mentioned earlier, there are millions of channels on YouTube that being able to set yourself apart from all the rest can prove to be very difficult. The important thing to consider is what is it then you would like to showcase? Is it a talent like singing or dancing, or will you be doing reviews of products or services, will you be doing parody videos or will you be producing challenges? It is essential that you know what content you want to put out there so that you can stand out from the many others who produce the same content. Be knowledgeable about your posts. What you say in your videos has the possibility of creating dialogues. If you are believable and can be trusted with your opinions, this will translate into likes and comments and reposts. People will subscribe to your channel, and they, in turn, will recommend your channel to their friends or peers.

Next, you should consider the capacity of the video to be relatable while at the same time being true and authentic to your content. Why is this important? Because more people can relate to what you post, the more people will view it. The more it will be shared. It can even become a trend, or it can go viral. Becoming viral is a good thing if your aim is to promote your channel in order to gain more subscribers.

In connection with the relatability of your video, you must also consider who your target viewer is or which demographic it will be. Being able to pinpoint which people you want to be viewing your content can help in the direction of your videos. For example, If you want to do makeup tutorials, then you can be guided as to how to set up your backdrop, how to speak the language of the people who are, or would be interested in makeup. You have to know the tools that you will need and the materials that you will use. By having the right stuff and being armed with the knowledge of the particular field, you will gain the trust of your viewers, and they will be hitting those “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons. They will be leaving comments and messages and putting links of your videos into their other social media accounts.

This trickle of subscribers and viewers and people liking your videos will become a signal to others to also view and like and subscribe to your content. It will serve as an example to others, and they will follow suit. The confidence that comes with the fact that many have agreed and believed int your content will, in turn, create the followership that you need.

Social proofing is a simple concept that can spell success and fame to your YouTube channel. Just remember the psychology behind it: the more people agree with your content, the more support you will get, and that, in turn, will create a buzz so that you will be able to reach more people.

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