How To Create Irresistible Thumbnails for Your YouTube Videos

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One of the things that can definitely get you views is the thumbnail you choose for any of your videos. Although, it can definitely be difficult to make a thumbnail that would attract a wide variety of people and make a YouTube thumbnail that looks interesting.

Photo editing and making custom thumbnails can definitely be difficult for everyone, especially at the beginning. What can be even more difficult is if you’re someone who is really new when it comes to making thumbnails, or if you’re someone who is just new in photo editing in general. If you want to learn more and improve your skill in making thumbnails for your YouTube videos, keep reading so that you can learn how to create irresistible thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Creating vibrant and interesting thumbnails is something that you should definitely do if you’re looking to attract a viewer’s attention. But don’t take it too far that it may seem kind of like clickbait at that point. Those images can impact you and your channel much more than you think, that’s why it’s important to make thumbnails. You can always make your own thumbnail or hire someone else to do it. But if you’re looking just to make one yourself, here’s a step by step process of how you should go about making thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

YouTuber creating thumbnails on computer
  • Open A Photo Editor or A Thumbnail Maker

Of course, you are going to need something that’ll allow you or help you make that YouTube thumbnail. If you already have photoshop or other photo editing apps, then you’re good to go. But if you don’t, you can download free photo editor apps on the internet, or you can just go to a website that allows you to make your own YouTube thumbnail. There are many websites and apps like this, so I’m sure that finding one will not be too much trouble for you. Although most of the websites that you will find will make you sign up, other than that, there really isn’t much of a problem.

  • Choose A Free Template Or Import An Image

This is mainly for the people who chose to go ahead and use the online thumbnail makers. If you find a thumbnail maker, I’m sure that you’ll see a lot of free templates. But if you already have something in mind, then you can easily import that image. Those free templates or your own template will serve as your foundation when it comes to making your own YouTube thumbnail. Some things that you should add is to probably add a human face to your thumbnail since we are more drawn to YouTube thumbnails that do feature a human, mainly because it is our survival mechanism.

  • Make Your Own Thumbnail

If you’re using photoshop, you can easily make your very own thumbnail without needing to get a free template. All you really have to do is to make a new canvas, or you can import another image as well. After doing that, you can pretty much do Anything you want. You can import other images that you would like to add to your thumbnail, or you can mess around with all the brushes. It’s all you really need in order to make your very own YouTube thumbnail.

  • Add Text, Clip Art, Or Backgrounds To Your Thumbnail

By using text, clip art, and background, it will surely make your thumbnail more interesting and will make viewers click on your video. If you want to make it clearer what your video is about, adding text to your thumbnail is an easy way to do just that. If the background you have is bright, use a lighter text, and if the background is on the lighter side, then using darker tones for the color of the text is essential. The contrast of the background and the text will draw in some viewers, and it will look good too. It’s important to keep this in mind, even when you’re adding objects or images to your thumbnail.

  • Save Your Image Or The Thumbnail That You Created

When you’re done adding text, clip art, backgrounds, and other things, all that’s really left for you to do is to save your image. I’m sure that this part is fairly simple and easy, although sometimes, it can definitely be difficult for you to find that save button. I’m sure that most of the save buttons will be in very similar areas, even in photo editing apps. In photo editing apps, it can be much easier to locate the save button, since it is usually on the left part of the software. In photo editing apps like photoshop, you can save your image just by clicking the file button, and then you can find the save button somewhere there. We’re almost done, there’s only one step left.

  • Upload Your Video and Thumbnail

Now, all that’s really left for you to do is to upload your video along with your thumbnail. I’m sure that this part will be easy for you since you’ve probably uploaded many videos before. So, that’s the last step that you need to complete when it comes to making your very own irresistible YouTube thumbnails. Now that you’ve uploaded your video and the Thumbnail, all that’s left for you to do now is to relax and wait for other people to press on your video.

YouTuber working on thumbnails for video

Thumbnails can be hard to do, especially if you’re a beginner in photo editing, but I hope that this article did help you at least a little bit. And hopefully, all of the steps I’ve laid down for you are all quite simple and is something that you can understand. I’m sure that you will make one of the most irresistible Thumbnails for your YouTube videos, and definitely don’t forget to have fun. So, that’s pretty much about it if you’re talking about How To Create Irresistible Thumbnails for Your YouTube Videos.

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