How To Get More YouTube Views – Quick and Easy

How To Get More YouTube Views Quick and Easy

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The YouTube platform has been changing and evolving constantly. All the funny dog and cat videos riding a skateboard are long gone. Right now, this platform is also a place where marketers can earn a living.

Since it Is constantly changing, it may be hard for you to get views, after all, there are a lot of people who are starting their very own YouTube channel. If you do not know this, getting more YouTube views is not that hard. You just need to know what exactly to do, and that is why I am here to tell you all about it! How about we get started already, shall we?

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You Should Make Content That Is Compelling

Even with some ads or hacks that you have the ability to use, it will not have any matter if the videos that you upload onto the YouTube platform are not good enough. So, how can one exactly make content that is compelling, which can also help you to get more YouTube views? Well, a really good way that you can do that is by making some how-to videos for the audience.

You just simply need to identify what a lot of your audience wants to know and then make a video about it, make sure that the video meets that audience’s needs. Some of you might be thinking, “can this really work?” Well, yes, it does. There are a lot of YouTube content creators that get much more views by focusing mainly on creating how-to videos.

Go through the comments on your social channel, and you will be able to find some video ideas, if that does not work for you, you can also go to your community and ask them what kind of content they want you to make. It is pretty simple.

You Should Encourage Your Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel

You will be able to grow your business very well by retaining your costumers. And it is exactly the same when we are talking about YouTube views. A really easy way for you to increase the number of views that you get is to encourage all of your viewers to click the subscribe button, and when you release new videos, they will have more views.

Now, how can you get your viewers to click the subscribe button? Well, it is pretty simple, to be honest, you just need to ask your viewers at the beginning of your video and as well as at the end of your video. Remember to do this for every single video that you make.

Do not just ask your dear viewers to click the subscribe button for your YouTube channel. You should also make sure that you tell all your viewers to turn on your notification bell after they have clicked the subscribe button.

Doing that will get your viewer to always be notified whenever you release a new video.

Growing on YouTube and getting more views

Make Your Own Playlist So That They Can Keep Watching

Why do they work, you ask? Well, it is all because of the autoplay. When your favorite YouTube videos just keep on playing, it can be very hard to pull away from your attention from the videos, and it may even take all your effort. So, creating your very own playlist will really get you the views that you want.

A very easy way that you can make your very own YouTube playlist is to navigate every single video that you would like to add to the playlist and click the plus button, which is located underneath your YouTube video.

That way, you will have the ability to make brand new playlists or add another video into a playlist that already exists. You should make a playlist that is filled with really successful content that you have and start to promote it right now! You will be able to get a lot more views from that.

Promote Your Other YouTube Content with Some End Screens and Some Cards

If you have no idea what end screens and cards are, they are basically tools that can help you in promoting the videos that you make so that you can get many more views on the YouTube platform. Before you can have full access to these kinds of tools, you will firstly need to verify the account that you are using on YouTube.

Now, let us go deeper into the end screens and cards. The tool that we call end screen is a type of dedicated frame that you have the ability to plate at the very end of the videos that you have so that it can wrap things up and also highlights the calls to action.

As for cards, this is a tool that you can be able to set so that you can have a pop- up any time of the video that you want to have a card. With the so-called cards, your viewers will be able to be directed to a different video or even a playlist. You can also make a type of poll card, which is a really great way you can ask your viewers what they would like to see in your next video.

If you are trying to add some end screens and card onto your videos, you just simply need to go to Creator Studies and then click the Video Manage. After that, you can go on and click Videos. Now, go and find the YouTube video that you wish to add some end screens and cards and then click the Edit button. When you finally have arrived to the video editor page, you will finally have the ability to add the end screens and cards that you want by just clicking the menu items, which is located at the very top of the page.

These are tools that are very powerful, so you should always make sure that you use both of them to present the calls- to- action in the YouTube videos that you have yet to release.

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