How To Grow On YouTube in 2020

How To Grow On YouTube In 2020

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If you are having a hard time growing your YouTube, this is the perfect article for you. This article will also help you with the question “how to start a YouTube channel?“ if you plan on starting one.

Try To Post Multiple Times On YouTube Every Single Week

There have been recent reports which have said that people who have YouTube channels that release more new videos more than once every week have much better performance, and they get a lot more of recommended views. If you have the time, post new YouTube videos three or even more times every single week. This goes especially for people who are wondering how to start a YouTube channel. You will be able to build yourself an audience when you consistently release new videos. You will be able to raise your YouTube channel quickly in the algorithm.

Making a lot of content from the very beginning on the same topics will be able to help the performance of your channel in the algorithm. You can also make something that we call the library of content, ushering the viewers from one video to another video. This will boost your overall watch time and also give the people who view your videos a reason to subscribe to you.

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You Should Develop A Video Production Workflow That Is Sustainable

You may be creating some videos and films that are worthy of an Oscar award, but if every single one of your videos takes months for you to produce, those videos will not be able to help you in the growth of your official YouTube channel. People will come back to your channel if you upload your YouTube videos are a regular and familiar time.

Whatever types of YouTube videos that you are planning to make, you should pick a kind of content that you can develop and make at regular times.  You can also find different ways you can streamline that production workflow of yours, whether it is setting up in a studio, making yourself an editing template, or getting yourself an assistant or even a production team. Production workflow and topics should be kept refined until the process is like a well- oiled machine.

Here’s a tip: One thing that can benefit you when you start your YouTube channel is by setting up your very own video studio, it does not have to be big, the studio can be small too as long as you are able to make YouTube videos. You also won’t have any problems with shooting since you just need to turn the room’s lights on and start recording.

Start Your YouTube Videos with A Very Interesting Hook

How you can hook the viewers will depend on you and the content that you give. If your video features a project of some kind, you should show the project’s end result at first. A very stunning result will make the viewers more interested to see how the project was achieved. This kind of approach is very good if you are making videos about makeovers and DIYs. For example, videos about girls’ hairstyles always start with the result, and then they go on how to achieve the hairstyle.

As for stories, they are another way to get the interest of the viewer. People can be hardwired for the stories. When starting your YouTube video with stories, naturally, people who are watching will want to stay for a while so that they see what happens next. In addition, stories do endear the presenters to their viewers, and they can be of help in providing a segue that helps to more complicated ideas.

There are plenty of YouTubers that are pros when it comes to starting their videos. They start it with an interesting story that then intrigues the viewer and then goes to the subject matter.

In whatever way you hook the viewers, always make sure that the opener to your video relates specifically to your subject matter. Your viewers clicked on your video because they were only interested, so you should hurry and get to the subject of matter that they wanted to hear from the start.

You probably have seen a lot of YouTubers that create intrigue by starting off with a fact or story that does not really relate to the topic and then suddenly relating it to the main topic. This kind of tactic is something that works really well, especially when you have a large audience from the start and one that trusts you.

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Your Titles and Opening Credits Should Be Kept Short

The attention spans of some people can be short. Giving the audience a title and credit sequence that is long at the start of your YouTube video can cause some people to lose their interest in your video. Also, when you have a long opener, it can discourage binge-watching because many people do not want to see that same long sequence every time they click on your videos.

Instead of having titles and credits that are long, make them punchy and short. Make the whole entire opener 5 seconds, no longer than that. There are a lot of examples on YouTube, and you can check some of those out to get a clear idea.

Get Some End Screen To Help Promote Your YouTube Videos, Channel Or Website

If you have no idea what end screen is, they are just basically interactive graphics that lead the viewer to another video, web page or channel, playlist, or to prompt a person to subscribe to that channel. Now, you can only put the end screen at the end of your YouTube video, and it lasts for 20 seconds, so you will need to plan on where your end screens will appear in the video.

One option for you is to put the subject of your YouTube video in a place where there is some room for your end screens. While you present your end screens, talking over them will be able to engage your viewers.

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