How To Increase Engagement On Your YouTube Videos

How To Increase Engagement On Your YouTube Videos

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If you want to grow and be more popular when it comes to YouTube, then there are many ways to do that. But one of the best ways for your YouTube channel to grow is for you to try and increase the engagement on your videos. When I’m talking about increasing the engagement on your videos, then I’m talking about trying to increase the number of subscribers, views, likes, and dislikes you have.

Of course, doing this is never easy, and you’re probably going to have a hard time increasing the engagement on your videos. There are many ways for you to do that, so here’s a small list of a few things that you can do so that the number of your subscribers, views, and likes all increase. Here’s a list if you were wondering how you’re exactly supposed to increase the engagement on all of your videos.

  • Make Attractive YouTube Thumbnails

Making attractive and interesting thumbnails may, in fact, help you way more than you think. By making YouTube thumbnails that are pleasing to the eye, the engagement on your videos can all increase by 154% for women and 64% for men. But you should never just focus and put all your focus on the thumbnail since the content of your video actually needs to be good, especially if you’re a channel who is looking to give useful information to the viewer that would help them with something or with a problem they have. Your eyes usually immediately go to a thumbnail that looks the most attractive to you, and it makes you curious about the content of that video. By applying this logic to your videos, the engagement on your videos will surely increase in no time.

  • Telling Your Viewers To Subscribe and Watch More of Your Videos

Surprisingly, by telling the people who view your videos to subscribe and watch more of your videos, it can boost up the number of subscribers you get. To be more specific, it can boost the number of your subscribers by 3100%. Gab Goldenberg from BBALLBREAKDOWN has tried this out, and it has definitely worked. By telling your viewers to subscribe, watch the rest of your videos, and to share your video, it can be a ton of help. It can help raise the number of comments, likes, views, and subscriptions you have. I guess you can think of it as advertising your channel.

  • Keep The Length of Your Video Short

If you have a very long video, it is usually quite intimidating to the people who look at your videos. You should keep it short. The best length would probably around 10 to 20 minutes. If you plan to upload a 1-hour video, then it’s probably best for you to cut it into a few parts so that people won’t be intimidated upon looking at your video, and more people will be more than happy to click on your video. With the attention span of everyone becoming much lower, a short video will definitely help you increase the engagement on your videos. Some people also just have don’t have enough time to watch a lengthy video, or they just want a short video for convenience.

YouTube logo on smartphone
  • Respond And Interact With Your Viewers

Your viewers feel grateful and appreciated when they are responded to by someone they admire. By talking and interacting with your videos, like responding and liking comments, then the engagement on your videos will increase. People will be more encouraged to comment on your videos. I’m sure that you also appreciate your viewers and your subscribers for everything that they have done for you. So, one of the best ways for you to return that favor is to interact with them. I’m pretty sure that you would be elated to find out that your favorite YouTuber just responded to a comment that you posted, right? Your viewers would be happy to know that you actually appreciate them, but this can definitely be hard once your channel grows more and more, but you should definitely keep on trying your best.

  • Be Consistent When It Comes To Uploading Content Or Videos

Consistency is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to uploading YouTube videos. This is especially hard if you have a very busy schedule and often forget about many things. If you do have a tight schedule, then I recommend you to upload a video at least once a week. Like many other social media platforms, consistency is important if you want your channel to grow and be more popular. People will definitely appreciate the consistent uploads that you do. You can try making a schedule each week, like trying to upload a video on Tuesday every week or something similar. But don’t force yourself into making a video if you feel sick.

  • Use The Analytics Available On Youtube To Make Up A Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube actually has some very useful tools when it comes to releasing content and just growing as a channel. Exploring those tools can, in point of fact, help you a lot. One of the tools that you can use is YouTube analytics. By using this tool, you will be able to see a lot of data that can be useful to you when it comes to making your channel grow. By using this feature, you can see what works and what doesn’t work when you’re talking about the content that you release. You can see a lot of useful information like your traffic sources, the demographic of your videos, like age, device, geography, and a lot more. You can use this information to your advantage by understanding what your viewers like and don’t like.

YouTuber creating a video and engaging with the audience

These are just a few tips that will help you increase the engagement on your videos. There are so many more ways for you to do this, and here are some of the most useful ones.

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