How to Make Money From YouTube

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If you are having a hard time making money from YouTube here are some strategies which will let you start earning a living through the YouTube platform. Let us get started, shall we?

Become a Partner of YouTube

The program that is called YouTube partner is how many YouTube have the ability to have access to some special features that is within the YouTube platform.

You do not necessarily need to be a partner of YouTube to be able to make some money off of the platform, setting up the account for AdSense and getting a decent amount of views is enough for your to start earning money, but being their partner will make it a lot more easier for you.

When you are a YouTuber partner, you will be able to have access to a lot of income streams, we are not only talking about YouTube ads but also premium subscription fees and different features which can tap your viewer’s wallets. Being a partner can also give you channel memberships and a merchandise shelf.

YouTuber making money on YouTube
  1. Step one – You should start your very own YouTube channel.
  2. Step two – The YouTube channel that you have started should have some success that can be enough to meet the requirements that YouTube Partner Program has. You will at least need a thousand subscribers and four- thousand viewing hours in just the previous twelve months.
  3. Step 3 – Set up your account for AdSense.
  4. Step 4 – Explore on your brand-new monetization features. Every single one of the monetization channels has different requirements for eligibility.
  5. Step 5 – You submit to reviews that are ongoing. When you are a YouTube Partner, your YouTube channel should be at a higher standard and that is according to YouTube themselves. Being a partner, you will have to follow all the policies that the YouTube Partner Program has  as well as the Community guidelines.

Start To Sell Your Very Own Merchandise

Maybe you are a person that identifies himself as a content creator and an entrepreneur on the second, keep in mind that there are a lot of famous people who sell things like t- shirts.

Or maybe this goes the other way around, you are an entrepreneur at first and then a video creator on the second. This means that you probably have some kind of product already and you are just designing your own YouTube marketing strategy to be able to sell it.

It does not really matter, just keep in mind that merchandise is a very good way to earn yourself some money through the YouTube platform.

Step 1 – Imagine and then design your product. The merchandise that you sell through your YouTube channel is meant to represent and feed your fans connection with you. This can only mean that your merchandise should be unique from others.

A Pro tip: There is probably a lot more ideas for your merch than what you can have the ability to stock. You should just start to sell with just one or maybe two items. It is also very important that you make sure your audience is engaged in the process of decision- making.

YouTuber showing packages and making money on YouTube

Step 2 – Get yourself a source to create your products. If you really want to start selling merchandise, you will need to get yourself a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier so that you can create and deliver your product to people. There are suppliers directly delivers to you, while some handles everything themselves from inventory, the shipping, and the returns.

There are a lot of choices for your, just make sure that they will benefit you.

Step 3 – Make the shop and landing page, you will need a different website where you can handle all the purchases.  You can also link it directly from your YouTube videos and you can do that through the YouTube’s list of approved merchandise sites.

Step 4 – Open your very own merchandise shelf as a YouTube partner. Every single YouTube Partner has the ability to use this kind of shelf feature so that they can start selling the merchandise from their channel. If you are eligible, there are instruction for you on YouTube to start using it.

Step 5 – Promote your merch in every video that you make. You can use or wear your merch when you are filming your videos. Also, remember to add the link of your store to the descriptions of your video, adding end screens and card can start the call- to- action.

A pro tip: Saying thank you is a must because it is a very polite action. Not only is it a very polite thing to say, it can also be some kind of excuse to remind your viewers that you have some unique and awesome merchandise.

Get Your Subscribers To Directly Pay You

Now, this one will include some different types of income streams to be able to make money from YouTube, though there is something that every single one of them in common: make sure that it is easy for your audience to show how much they appreciate you with their credit cards.

Step 1 – Host a live chat where every person can use the Super Chat. If you have not yet been informed, YouTube replaced the fan funding feature that they had with the Super Chat back in 2017. This kind of feature is only available to the YouTube Partners while they are on a live stream.

Step 2 – Encourage your viewers to become a member of your channel. People who visit your channel can become a member through payment. When they do that, they get custom badges, emojis, and a live chat with you that is available to members only.

Step 3 – Encourage your viewers to become a YouTube Premium subscriber, this one can benefit your channel indirectly. When members who are Premiums watch you videos, you will get a cut of the subscription fee that they have.

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