How To Stand Out In The YouTube Crowd

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In this very article, we will teach you how you can stand out on YouTube even when you are a small YouTuber and how to make viral videos. I hope that you find success in the YouTube industry through this article. Let us get started, shall we?

It may feel as if there is no way for you to stand out when you are just a small YouTuber. Though, if you look at it hard enough, you will begin to realize that the problem is not with YouTube or the competitors that you have. The whole problem is because there are lots more work that you need to do when building your YouTube channel as well as your brand.

YouTuber filming YouTube video

It Is All About Branding                                       

Let us start this off with your brand identity or basic branding. They are your logo, brand colors, brand fonts, a voice, which is the way you write and talk to the audience, the images that you use, icons, and lastly, the way that your own website is designed. You should start to use them for your channel when you have every single one of them. They are called brand elements.

Think like your channel on YouTube is an extension of the business that you are running. Your YouTube channel is like the broadcasting station of the business or the tv show that is for your business. Every single one of music stations, movies, television shows, and broadcasting stations have their brand established.

Updating your channel art should be the first thing that you update. If you do not know what your channel art is, it is the banner for your YouTube channel. When people visit your channel, this is the first thing that they see. It is very important. Always remember to use your own voice, fonts, and brand colors when you are designing your channel art.

Now, it is not just about your colors and logos. They can also be the processes and systems that you have inside your business.

Every single show on television, as well as radio shows, follow some sort of script. Live shows have a script for them to follow. A script does not really have to be followed word by word. They can be like an outline. Though there will always be a beginning, middle, and end for every script, if you consistently follow this, your audience will know what they can expect from you.

You may think that it is kind of boring, but when you think about all the shows that you like, they all follow an exact same format again and again, even if the content that they bring is the same.

There are lots of things that you can do to be able to stand out from the crowd, but this is something that you should mainly do, with that let us move on to the next!

Here is how to make viral YouTube videos. It’s not easy to get your videos viral, so pay close attention.

The Thumbnail

The very first thing that we will be talking about is thumbnails. Before a person can click your video and see the amazing content that you have, they will first see your thumbnail. You can use a really pretty and bright background or greenscreens which a lot of people on YouTube are attracted to. Though, if you are just starting your very own YouTube channel and YouTube videos, you can start by just adding text to your thumbnails, which a lot of YouTubers have done.

When you put texts on your thumbnails, I suggest that you make them big with bold letters because your videos will be a bit tiny when people go to the search results. They are vitally important, a way you can make your thumbnails different and stand out from the crowd is to make them bright with a colorful backdrop and with some big, bold text. Make sure that they a maximum of four words only.

Facial expression is also very important. Your face should be close so that viewers will be able to see your facial expression, and people will be more attracted to your videos if you have some kind of facial reaction on the thumbnail.

Person watching special YouTube video

The Brand Editing

Second is brand editing. This ensures that your YouTube videos are all aligned across their board so that people who visit YouTube know that you own the video without even knowing that it is your video. There are tons of great creators out in the world that have their own way and style of editing. These people make their intros the same, as well as their graphics, music, text, and their effects. All of these elements should be considered.

An easy way that you can start doing this, even if you are editing the videos by yourself or editing it through an editor like iMovie, you should simply use the same font and color for the text for the entire video (s).

You will be able to give yourself a little bit of brand when starting off and remember that kind of consistency with your viewers. You should use that to your advantage. You will be able to stand out from the YouTube crowd if you make some kind of brand and style to your video editing, make your viewers familiar with the style of content that you give so that they will be back for more, and keep an eye out.

The Description

The description style is number three. You may think that it isn’t really that important and it does not matter, but to be honest, it really does matter and it is important. Always remember to set your description similar to ones that you set up before that every single time, that way, your people will get used to your description, and they know that it is the style that you have for your video. These people will be more apt to check out your videos to watch it.

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