How To Write Good Video Titles

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When it comes to catching the eye of a person who’s just scrolling through YouTube, there are many things that you will need to gain their attention like an interesting YouTube thumbnail, a good video title, and a lot more. Today though, we are going to focus more on the How to write interesting and good YouTube video titles. Although a video title may seem insignificant at first, it can actually change the number of people who would click on your video drastically.

There are many ways to interest a person, with one of them having a good video title. But if you have a good video title and everything else like the thumbnail is just generic, then that would probably decrease the number of people who would be interested in your content. So, making sure you have the best of two worlds important too, but for now, let’s focus on how you can improve when it comes to coming up with a nice and interesting title that will surely make people interested in your content.

Here’s a list of the few of many things you can do to make a video title that will make people click your video.

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  • Use The Word “Video” In Your Title

When people search something up on YouTube or any other streaming devices, you’ll find that most of the people there actually include videos whenever they want to look for something. So, by using the word video in your title, it will most likely appear to more people who will give you more views. By using this word in your title, you are making your videos more relevant to what other people are searching for. One of the best times for you to use this technique is usually at times where the topic your video is based on isn’t really that specific or is non-specific to just one single object or subject. I’m sure that you can find many examples of this just by typing in video on YouTube or in any video streaming site.

  • Make Titles That Will Evoke Curiosity In A Viewer

Whenever someone wants an answer to a question they have, they will usually try their best to find out what that answer is. And by applying that logic in making video titles, I’m sure that many people will click on your video because of their curiosity. You can also do this by adding hooks to your video title or by using things. It could be a list, a descriptive message, a question, or pretty much anything that can compel you to click on this video. Put yourself in a viewer’s shoes, look at your title, and see if it seems interesting or if it makes you curious and make you click on the video.

  • Use Keywords And Make A Search-Friendly Title

If you want your video to be available to many people and is something that can be found easily, then making sure that you have the correct keywords is important. You can also do some research and look for some words that are highly used by the majority of people. Going for the most famous words you can find will surely make your video accessible and available to more viewers. You can do some research by going on Google trends, and you can determine how popular each word is and which ones you’re going to use. Make sure that the words you choose are widely used and trending so that it can catch the attention of many people.

  • Use A Shorter Title

When it comes to making video titles, it’s important to limit yourself when it comes to the number of characters you put in. It’s better to make a shorter title, but at the same time, making that short title interesting and make viewers curious is important, too. I know that is probably one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you’re someone who is impatient. To come up with a brilliant title, you are going to need some time. It is also going take you some time to make that video, edit that video, make a thumbnail, so when it comes to YouTube, and you’re just going to have to out in a lot of time and effort so that you and your brand can grow. Make sure that when you use the most important words or the keywords, and it’s best to limit yourself with 60 characters when making these titles.

  • Make Sure That The Value or Benefit Of The Video Is Seen In The Title

If you’re someone who is releasing informative content like DIY videos, instructional videos, or just videos that contain a ton of information, then make sure that the benefits people will get from watching your video is evident in your title. Write a title that says what the result will be once that person finishes watching your video. There are many ways for you to do this, so let’s discuss some ways you can do this.

YouTuber holding phone showing YouTube logo

Well, you can just directly tell the viewer what your video will be about. For example, you can just write “How to make awesome thumbnails for your YouTube video” if that’s what your video is about. The only thing about this is that it doesn’t make the viewer really curious or enticed. But you can also use a title like “ You will not believe how I got this much views in one day” It is much more indirect and will definitely make the viewer curious about the content of that video. But don’t take it too far at the point that it’s practically clickbait.

Your YouTube titles may not seem that important at first, but it is important if you want more views and wants to gain popularity fast. These are a few tips to help you make video titles that will surely entice your audience, and I hope that they will be useful to you.

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