Promoting Your Channel, The Complete Guide on How to Get More YouTube Subs

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Having your own YouTube channel is as easy as following a few simple steps, but making that channel relevant or popular is the difficult part. With hundreds upon hundreds of existing channels, you can figuratively get drowned in the crowd of competition.   

But don’t worry, you can avoid this fate and stay in the mix. The solution? Get a lot of subscribers! It may sound easy, but don’t be fooled. It takes a lot of hard work and strategy.

YouTube channel promotions

Here are ways to hurdle this challenge:

  • Offer valuable content using high quality videos.

Firstly, choose great ideas that will give your target audience worthwhile viewing experience. If it’s a video about street magic, make the acts unique or feature new tricks to create a genuine reaction from the people in the video. Nobody will get hooked and subscribe to your channel if you offer “stale” content. Second, shoot these videos using equipment that would give you clear and sharp videos as well as crisp audio. Great content presented in high quality videos will give you a definite edge in gaining more subscribers; it shows that you mean business and want the best for your channel. For tips on shooting quality YouTube videos visit:

  • Communicate with your viewers.

If you want to make it big, you have to learn to interact with your people who took the time to view your videos, which could either be your subscribers or not. The comment section of every YouTube video is a great way to earn more subscribers if you know how to respond to good and bad comments. Be a sport when being criticized, learn from them. Be humble and show your appreciation when your videos receive positive reviews.

  • Take advantage of Google-friendly keywords.

You might not realize it, but a lot of people use the Google search engine to watch videos. The word “YouTube” is one of the most searched terms online. Use keywords that are applicable to your content and will likely show your videos.

  • Make your video titles catchy but descriptive of your content.

Video titles are often the first thing a potential viewer notices when looking for videos to watch on YouTube. Include keywords in your titles that will draw attention to what your video offers. For example, if you’re video is about ice cream making, you can focus on what is the flavor or unique ingredient you’re using, like “How to make yummy strawberry ice cream with cashew nuts at home” or “Strawberry and cashew ice cream making tutorial.”

  • Use thumbnails for your videos to get noticed faster.

Aside from catchy titles, visual cues will make your videos stand out. Use a high-quality picture that provides high contrast. Use a consistent theme or branding on your thumbnails to establish your channel’s identity with viewers.

  • Don’t skip anything and maximize your YouTube profile.

Start by being consistent with your theme or how you write your video titles. Your YouTube channel description must also be optimized, adding the right keywords will make wonders for your channel. Be clear to your subscribers on how often new videos will be uploaded to your channel and be faithful in keeping your schedule. Make sure to let everyone know where to reach you by providing your contact information, opportunities might arise for your channel to grow, and it would be wise for you to be reachable at any time.

  • YouTube descriptions are crucial in making you earn more subscribers.

Take full advantage of the character limit, make use of keywords, a content page where the video’s timestamps may be shown. Links for your playlist can be also be included. You can go further by providing cues within your videos by adding the keywords or by using hashtags.

  • Have a “Question and Answer” part with your viewers or have a competition or a contest.

Be engaged with your subscribers by reaching out to them by sending them questions where your answers are made known to them in a video upload. Sounds fun? Yes, it is. The best part is that your viewers will feel that their opinions or views are important to you. A contest would significantly increase your viewers’ participation, especially if the price is something that the winner can really enjoy. 

  • Be an active member of your YouTube community.

It wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to other channels that have similar audiences and interests. In fact, it would bolster your subscriber’s confidence in you if you are active in giving comments and supporting other channels just by interacting with them. Subscribers would recommend your channel to their friends and family, knowing that you are making positive steps in the community where you and your subscribers belong.

  • Follow the YouTube community guidelines.

This is worth pointing out. It will be a waste of time and effort if you don’t observe the rules. Be active, but know your limits and responsibilities as a YouTube channel owner. Never upload videos or write anything that could offend other people or are not safe for young viewers. YouTube will remove videos that don’t conform to its guidelines. If you want to be familiar with the guidelines, see

  • Be imaginative and playful with your channel.

This is probably the most fun to do. You can make a series of related videos to gain more subscribers. People like consistency, so it would be fun to focus on something that your viewers would be thrilled to watch on a regular interval. Take advantage of special days and go live so that your viewers know that you have time for them. As an example, going live during a holiday to guide your viewers on their activities on that particular day, is a great way to promote your channel. For a look at live videos, visit this link Lastly, have a go in using your social media accounts to promote your YouTube channel.

YouTube icon for promoting YouTube channel

Have fun with your YouTube channel while being mindful of these steps. Gaining more subscribers is hard work but a doable feat!

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