Top 5 Mistakes That YouTubers Make And How To Avoid Them

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Becoming a YouTuber is something that many of us probably don’t get ready for. Sometimes, you just randomly blow up and suddenly gain a lot of attention. But becoming a YouTuber is way harder than it may seem, especially if you’re someone who just usually watches the YouTube videos. If you want to know how to become a good and successful YouTuber, there is something that you should definitely keep in mind, like the mistakes YouTubers make and how you can avoid them.

Even though becoming a YouTuber and being your own boss may sound fun, you’re going to need to put a lot of effort into just one video, mainly depending on which genre of videos you’re catering to. Like if you’re someone who is trying to do animation videos and Storytime that needs animation, then it might even take you a few months just to release one video. But anyhow, being a YouTuber and becoming popular is hard work, and you’ll make many mistakes along the way, but if you want to make as less damage as you can, then this list of things that you should never do as a YouTuber should prove to be quite useful.

YouTuber recording a video
  • Making content you’re not used to and not trying new things

Honestly, this can go in two ways. You might end up becoming more popular because you did a video that doesn’t at all relate to your usual content, or this new video that you released might just become a video that nobody really cares about. It might get fewer views that your usual view count. It’s all up to you if whether or not you’re ready to change things up a bit. And if you do want to make new content, there isn’t really anything wrong with that. If it’s something that you enjoy, then do it, and it would be even better if what you enjoy doing gets you money. It can be evident to your viewers if you like doing what you’re doing. Sometimes, a leap of faith can just be the thing you need to be successful.

  • Thinking that you deserve a lot more subscribers and views than you do now

Patience is something that you need if you want to be successful. It’s understandable if you’re jealous of that other person having more subscribers and views compared to you, but it’s nothing worth beating yourself up over. Many YouTubers are where they are now because they’re patient with not only making content but with the number of subscribers and views they get as well. And if you do show that you think you deserve more subscribers, I’m sure that many people wouldn’t like that. YouTubers who think like that usually find themselves in some drama and soon lose the subscribers they worked hard for.

  • Inconsistent uploads

If you’ve been watching specific YouTubers, you’ll find that they usually have a schedule they follow about releasing videos. Having a schedule will help you release content at least every week, depending on the genre of your videos. If you give yourself a schedule like releasing a video every week on Thursday or just releasing one video every week, that will definitely help your growth as a YouTuber. If you find that you’ve been releasing videos on random, following a schedule will definitely help a lot, especially if you’ve been becoming more popular. Of course, your schedule also does depend on which community on YouTube you’re catering to. If you want to focus on gaming, try to post at least once a week. If you’re doing something that’ll take a lot of time like making music and animation, then posting maybe once every one to two months should be good, although I’m not entirely sure.

  • Taking a break from YouTuber for a long time

We all get tired sometimes, and we need vacations so that we can just enjoy time for ourselves. But, if you’re someone who is just starting to gain a lot of attention, then taking a really long break isn’t something that you should do. I get that you’re probably tired, but who said that making YouTube videos was ever going to be easy? It’s fine to take a break for a few weeks, but you definitely need to release more YouTube videos soon, especially if you’re someone who wants to use YouTube as a way to make money and if the only place you get your income from. Don’t force yourself to make videos, but also don’t take too long of a break that your audience will forget about you. I’m sure that it can be kind of difficult to balance, but if you do get that balance, it’ll be worth it.

  • Beating yourself up over a mistake

We’re humans, and we make mistakes. Every YouTuber out there make mistakes, and they all learn from that mistake they made. So, if you find that you made A mistake in one of your videos, it’s useless to be super mad about that mistake for weeks and beat yourself up over it. All you really have left to do now is to just learn from that mistake and move on. If you have angered a lot of people from that mistake and you feel bad for it, apologize. If you’re not sincere with your apology, some people may catch wind of it almost immediately, especially if you make an apology video. Mistakes were made, and you can’t do anything about it anymore. Learning from your mistake and moving on is not only something that you should apply to mistake sin your YouTube videos but in real life as well.

Person watching YouTube on laptop

Once you start with your journey to becoming a YouTuber, you will definitely discover more mistakes along the way, and you might even make a mistake without realizing it. But, here’s a list of mistakes that a lot of Youtubers do and things that should never do.

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